SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Experiences | Exploratory Demo

This exploratory Experiences course for students ages 12 to 14 includes four units: Getting Ready for Your Career, Personal Skills, Workplace Skills and Technical Skills Grounded in Academics.

The course contains teaching and learning tools.

Unit components are accessible on mobile and desktop devices and can be completed in class, outside of class and in a variety of environments. Review the Getting Ready for Your Career unit map below for a summary of the learning events that occur within it, and then explore some of the sample components provided. Keep in mind that the learning events are designed for flexible use. They can occur on separate days or be combined so that multiple events occur on the same day. Please contact us so that we can customize an implementation approach with you.

* Indicates a sample of this resource is included in the demo links below.

UNIT MAP: Getting Ready for Your Career

PRESENTATION: Getting Ready for Your Career

MODULE: The SkillsUSA Framework

MISSION: Survival Guide