Career Essentials Implementation Training

This certificate may be earned by participating in and completing four specifically identified sessions that comprise the total training (3 hours total).

Session 1: Why Career Essentials for Career Readiness?
In this session, learn about why the Career Essentials Suite and the SkillsUSA Framework were created, and what they are exactly. Explore the connection between your content and employability skill development.

Session 2: How to Successfully Implement Career Essentials: The Courses and Project-Based Learning
In Session 2, you’ll explore one of the Career Essentials Experience courses that applies directly to the learners with whom you work. You’ll work directly with the curriculum of that course to develop your skills for using project-based learning to teach the Framework skills.

Session 3: How to Successfully Implement Career Essentials: Differentiation, Workplace Experiences, and a Continuum of Learning
In Session 3, you’ll identify and create differentiation strategies and workplace experiences for use with your students through the course you’re exploring. You’ll also begin building an implementation plan that will help your students earn the industry-validated Career Essentials Credential.

Session 4: How do I Create a Sustainable Method for Teaching Employability Skills?
Learn how to get started in the learning management system including establishing your account, making purchases, getting students into the system, reviewing students’ work, providing students feedback and scoring, and tracking your learners’ progress.

Should you be unable to complete all four sessions and their associated tasks, you will not earn the certification. You will, however, receive high-quality professional development that you can implement during the school year.

Career Essentials Implementation training
Are you using or planning to use SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Experiences  courses and the associated assessments? If so, consider joining SkillsUSA’s virtual opportunities for Career Essentials Implementation training.

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Prior to your purchase, please feel welcome to watch this pre-recorded Career Essentials Overview for an introduction to the Career Essentials courses and the SkillsUSA learning management system.

If you prefer, may also register to participate in a free, live, virtual Career Essentials Overview by clicking this link.

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Virtual trainings will be facilitated for 5 to 20 people, and on-site trainings may be arranged for 12 or more people. During the training, participants will develop an implementation plan for using the course and will learn about and develop strategies for teaching it.