Instructor Support

“I am really excited about implementing the SkillsUSA Career Essentials.  If I would have been asked at the beginning of spring, as we ended our school year – I would honestly say, I had no confidence in how I would successfully implement. Though after attending the professional development workshops provided (for free!) and the additional time to review the materials in order to complete the required task for certification.  I can honestly say, I feel more confident than I did at the start of July & I am truly looking forward to starting this new journey with our students. I truly believe the SkillsUSA Career Essential Program will be more meaningful to our students, and have a greater impact on them because of the relevance to their specific programs.”

–  Michelle Hoyt-Ferranti of Northeast Technology Center – Afton Campus in Okla.

Through a systematic approach that includes scheduled and just-in-time training opportunities, teachers develop skills needed to be able to implement the Career Essentials curricular resources for confident and impactful use.

Scheduled Training

  • On-site Career Essentials Certified Teacher training (for a group of 12 or more teachers)
  • Virtual Career Essentials Certified Teacher training via Zoom (for groups of five to 20)
  • Virtual demonstration (for a thorough walk-through to aid in making purchasing or implementation decisions)
  • Virtual informational training about the SkillsUSA Framework
  • One-on-one coaching to develop custom implementation plans

Just-In-Time Training

  • Just-in-time assistance from a Career Essentials Coach
  • Implementation videos (useful for teachers and administrative decision makers)
  • Screencast instructions available for training within the learning management system